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March 2013

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Life as a geek: Then and Now

2008: Thinkpad T42, Nokia N800 “Internet Tablet”  2013: Macbook Pro,… View More


Integrating PostFinance Payments into your website

You would think integrating Credit Card or PostFinance payment methods into your site would be hard, but it’s not. If you can setup an auto-submitting form, then your pretty much done. Before you can do anything though, you must subscribe to one of PostFinance’s monthly plans. There is a free plan, but it has a 195 Fr. activation fee and… View More


Export all your scrobbles

Music listening data can be very interesting to analyse when combined with a GPS position (where did the user listen to what song?) and music data (danceability, bpm, mood) from Echonest. It could potentially show my “mood” in certain places and at certain times. With approximate speed from the GPS track you could see if on average I walk faster when listening to high-BPM music. I’ve… View More


Install and enable Alternative PHP Cache (APC) on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

If you want to speed up your website, a good option (apart from code optimisation, HTTP request reduction and the likes) is to enable opcode caching on the server. Most blogs and other dynamic websites on the internet run with PHP. There are many PHP accelerators and APC is open source, pretty easy to install and has many configuration options. For a… View More


Easy and fast LaTeX editing with Sublime Text 2 and Skim PDF Viewer

I recently had to write a couple of letters and didn’t want to use Word, Pages or Google Docs. They’re all great word processors, but all require a lot of effort to set the template up correctly or get the spacings right. LaTeX is a great option for people who like to focus on their content without worrying about the representation. Write up your stuff and LaTeX can by default produce a beatiful result. Customisations are possible… View More